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FAQ Page

Q: Where does the money I donate go to?

         A: All donations go to paying for scholarships and to pay for future alumni association events.


Q: What can the scholarship money be used for?

          A: The money can be used to pay for tuition for community college, a traditional four year university or a trade school. It can also be used for books, room & board or paying for supplies.

Q: Is the association a 5013c non profit

           A: Currently we are a non profit organization and we have applied to have 5013c status.

How can I get involved in a committee?

Q: Go to the “How to get involved” page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page 

            A: What is the time commitment for involvement on a committee and what would i be doing?

All information for time commitment and description of each committee is on the “How to get involved” page.

Q:How often is the alumni store open

             A: It is open every few months and will be open for a few weeks at a time. Please check the Facebook and your email for updates on when the store opens.

Q:What can I post on the forums?

              A: Anything! We want alum to connect with people they may not have spoken to since high school and to meet new alumni that they have similar interests with. Please feel free to post any job openings or internships so that we can help support fellow alum in their individual career fields.

Q:How can I nominate myself or someone else for the alumni spotlight or the @lum News Letter?

                A: Fill out the form at the bottom on the home page to nominate yourself or any alum that you think we should feature!

Q:What other platforms do we have to connect with alum?

                 A: We have a Facebook page “Moorestown High School Alumni Association” and a Instagram page “mhsquakeralumni”

Q:Is there a fee to join the alumni association?

                  A: Currently there we do not charge any dues to join the Alumni Association 

How can I get in contact with the association directly?

Feel free to email us at .

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